3 Ways A Wall Bed Can Make Your Life Easier

wall bed and desk

Horizontal Wall Bed

Do you know we have a horizontal single wall bed that can be installed easily into a bedroom or a hallway. In our modern society often families are divided so instead of having a bed that remains permanently fixed, taking up room a single wall bed can temporarily accommodate a visiting child, maybe even used for sleep overs. Heck you could even use for when Grandma comes to stay or for the baby sitter. You don’t even have to have it in a bedroom as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs we have installed a horizontal wall bed in a hall way before.

Wall Bed Shelving & Cupboards

It’s going to make your life easier with book shelves. Most homes don’t have a decent set of book shelves and the good thing about our wall bed bookshelves is they are custom made to suit your available space. Not only will a wall bed save you space but so will the book shelves or cupboards either side of the wall bed. These will tidy up a room and are to designed to work together to give a polished finish tip your rooms layout.

The shelves also solve the issue of having limited furniture and storage opportunities in a smaller room such as an apartment. The shelves and wall bed line up against one wall so you won’t need other furniture that is cumbersome and difficult to fit in a smaller room. (Did I mention we do reach in wardrobes as well that can match your wall bed – No? Oh we should be talking then!)


Wall Bed Closed And Forgotten

The Wall Bed comes with a strap that holds the mattress on and this helps secure blankets or duvet and sheets to the bed so you don’t even have to make the bed to close it up. Its fast and easy. Don’t you like the idea of closing the bed, the room looks larger and tidier immediately and you can rush off and start your day? When you get home you don’t see a messy bed filling up the room but a tidy space leaving you with no anxiety or mess stress. By the way the bed is quite easy to make but if you’re time poor who cares.

Wall beds can make your life easier and it’s important that where you live is a sanctuary and gives you peace without clutter and that feeling like you’re hemmed. Even a normal size house is full of under utilised bedrooms that could significantly change with a high quality wall bed installation.


3 Wall Bed Customers And Their Stories Pt 1

The Stories Behind Our Wall Bed Installations

Wall beds are still a relatively new concept here in Victoria although they have been around for about a hundred years starting out as Murphy beds in the USA. It all has to do with space and need and for many years houses in our state have been big enough to accommodate normal beds without the need for wall beds. This is changing and changing fast as people’s life styles are evolving from the increase in apartment living to retirees down sizing.

Wall Bed With Fold Down Desk

Di and her husband downsized and moved to the coast as they loved the beach and their small coastal town, Ocean Grove. They didn’t need a huge house as it was just the two of them in retirement. They did have adult children who came to visit with grand children occasionally and they needed somewhere to stay. Di was also an accomplished artist that needed room for her watercolours.

They decided on a wall bed with a fold down desk to satisfy their requirements for visitors and Di’s art. This also included book shelves and cupboards installed either side of the bed. You wouldn’t even know there was a bed installed especially with the desk down.’

Wall Bed With Extended Shelving & Cupboards

David’s partner was heavily pregnant and they decided that David partner’s mother should come a stay to help with the newborn baby. The problem was space as they lived in a tiny apartment in the popular suburb of Prahran. Prahran is a bustling cosmopolitan suburb full of low level apartment living and most of the apartments are small, unique and built many years ago.

In Davids case if you put a normal sized (queen) in their apartment bedroom you couldn’t fit any thing else in there so they opted for a wall bed with extended book shelves either side. This meant the room could be used during the day for activities like yogo or for the baby’s crib when it slept during the day. If they didn’t have a wall bed the room would be under utilised but also cluttered and the apartment would feel smaller.

Wall Bed With A Satin Black Finish

Mandy’ sister hit some hard times and had three children. Mandy offered her sister her house in Grovedale  to live in with Mandy moving into her garage. This might sound a bit drastic but Mandy had a huge double garage that was insulated. All that was required was the garage door removed and windows and doors installed and the garage magically transformed into a large room. Mandy decided that her bedroom would more like living quarters so she investigated getting a wall bed so she could use the room during the day and get some peace from her nieces and nephews.

Behind every wall bed there is a story and its not just the wall bed – it’s about living and improving and utilising space the space you have. Everyone has slightly different needs whether its book cases, shelves, cupboards or fold down desks. This goes the same for aesthetics. Our most popular finish is white but we have installed wood grain, black and dark purple finishes that match everyone’s existing decor and taste.

Now I bet you have a great story behind your need for a wall bed. Let us know, Leigh Robinson Ph: 0412 525 137