Space Saving Murphy Bed Installation


Here Are Our 5 Top Reasons People Get A Murphy Bed Installed

Many times we espouse the virtues of our wall beds or murphy beds and the functionality of them but with our clients they have their own reasons.

Here are our last five clients and why they got a wall bed installed.

  1. Ocean Grove elderly couple had down sized and regularly had their daughter come to stay. They installed a wall bed with a desk so the room was an office by day and a bedroom by night (only when the daughter visited.)
  2. Portarlington client needed a wall bed with side shelving to extend the potential of her AirBNB property. The more beds the more income. She managed to change her home from a two bed property to a three bed property by adding an extra wall bed in one of her living areas. Very smart.
  3. Grovedale install in a garage? One lovely client converted a garage into a bedsit for herself with a single wall bed so her a daughter and her grandchildren could use her home.
  4. Music studio to a bedroom in Lara. In most cases a wall bed is used to free up space in a bedroom so the bedroom can be used as a music studio, office or play area. In this case our client practised violin during the day and needed the space.
  5. Torquay wall bed installation was a holiday home install. Again it was a space saving idea so more family members could stay at the holiday home at any given time.

When you think about it a bedroom containing a standard bed is an under utilised area that could be put to good use or you get more beds in a home that won’t clutter up the place. If you are looking to save space or use your bedroom as more than a room to sleep in then a murphy bed or wall bed is a practical solution and its not that expensive.

Talk to Leigh Robinson – the wall bed expert in the greater Geelong area (including the Surf Coast) – about any of the applications mentioned above whether its the more basic wall bed or a more comprehensive install with cupboards and shelving. Ph: 0412 525 137