Geelong Wall Bed Installation

Supplying Wall Beds To Geelong, Ocean Grove & Torquay

As we are based in Geelong but supply Wall Beds throughout Victoria here are the 5 most popular questions we get asked from local residents.

  1. Are Wall Beds as comfortable as standard beds?

    A good night sleep is based on the mattress and our wall bed mattresses are superior and made to be slept on all year round not just for occasional guests. You can fit a mattress of your choice especially if you have special needs or use your existing mattress. Regardless there is no difference in comfort between a standard bed or a wall bed.

  2. Can I install the wall bed myself?

    You can install the wall bed yourself but we don’t recommend it unless you are a carpenter or cabinet maker. It’s a two person job so you will need to organise a helper. Our installers do this type of work all the time and are also expert with installing shelves and cupboards. There are too many tricky variables for a do-it-yourselfer.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Wall beds vary in price depending of course on size but also on any extras you may want such as a fold down desk attachment, shelving or cupboards or even library shelving. If you are looking for a wall bed and are working on a budget email or callĀ  Leigh and he’ll give you an idea of costings.

  4. How long does it take to install and when can I get my wall bed installed.

    It only takes a few hours or a morning to install most wall beds. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery and installation. If you do need your wall bed sooner often we can organise this for you but we will need plenty of warning.

  5. Can you deliver to apartments?

    Yes we have done many apartment installations. The delivery can be challenging going up lifts but we have many successful installations, mostly in Melbourne as there aren’t too many apartments in Geelong, Ocean Grove or Torquay. Interestingly enough we do many local wall bed installations in converted garages.

If you are in Geelong or greater Geelong we can help you with a wall bed and also with measuring the area you have if you are unsure. Call Leigh Robinson today Ph: 0412 525 137