Creating A Bedroom

wallbed before shot

Here’s How We Are Creating A Bedroom With A Wall Bed And More!

A client recently came to us looking to create a bedroom as well as installing a wall bed. One of our sister companies (roomdividers r us) provides room dividers both fixed and moving so we can divide up space in your home. The room dividers come in various colours and combinations to match your existing decor.

Check out the start of the project below you can see a big cumbersome bunk bed in the open taking up all the floor space. This area is at the top of a landing in a townhouse and very open so there is no noise control or privacy. The client has a relative coming to stay for an extended period so it’s important that this space is closed in.

wallbed before shot

Not only that the client wanted to get the floor space back to double up as a TV room or bedroom and so is getting a wall bed installed.

We are getting more clients coming to us to “create” bedrooms or home offices as people try to utilise the space in their home a lot more effectively.

Our room dividers are easy to install (for our installers) in most areas of your home and can partition off areas helping you to control noise, temperature and privacy.

Next year (2021) we will have an update on this project.

In the meantime if you have an area in your home that you want to use more effectively give Leigh Robinson a call. Ph: 0412 525 137

Of course if you’re looking for a wall bed he can help you there as well. In fact there are options so the wall bed’s look can match the room divider so everything works well together and is pleasing on the eye.

More to come.