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Our Top Five Murphy Bed Questions Answered

Is A Wall Bed Comfortable?

This is by far one of the most popular questions we get. A Murphy bed or wall bed with a standard size mattress (ie thickness approx. 30 cm) is as comfortable as a normal bed. Its much better than a thin futon mattress or lumpy trundle bed. In fact you may be able to use your favourite existing mattress but you’ll have to check first. We do supply fantastic mattresses in case you need a new one.

Do I Have to Have A Tall Ceiling?

Our wall beds fit in any standard size home with ceilings approximately 2.4 metres high. The average size of our wall beds plus the surrounding unit is just over 2 metres so there is normally plenty of room.
The only thing to watch out for are ceiling fans and lights that could get in the way of the bed’s operation.

How Strong Do You Need To Be To Operate A Murphy Bed?

Our wall beds are easy to operate and don’t need a lot of muscle power to open or close as they have a spring loaded mechanism that is counterbalanced.

How Long Does It Take To Install?

It takes between 3- 6 hours to install a bed depending on the following four criteria:

1. The type of wall bed chosen. A wall bed with a desk or our library wall bed might take a little longer to install.
2. How much cabinetry is required. Remembering you can have as many book shelves and cupboards that will fit your space.
3. How level your home is – there are installation techniques that we use to make absolutely sure the wall bed is level.
4. How easy is it to access your home. Loading takes a lot longer if you’re on the top floor of an apartment block for example.

Can I Buy A Bed A Get My Cabinet Maker To Install It?

Yes we supply the bed without installation. Make absolutely sure your installer =understands how the bed needs to be installed and the importance of getting the bed level.

Can I Pay By Credit Card?

Yes you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

If you have any more queries contact Murphy Bed expert Leigh Robinson directly Ph: 0412 525 137