Top 7 Key Questions Answered


Melbourne & Geelong Top Wall Bed Agency

We are now becoming the top wall bed agency here in Melbourne and Geelong not only is this due to our great products and service (of course) but also due to greater demand across the board. People are really making the effort to review their space and come up with solutions that are permanent and driven by quality.

In the last 6 months here are 7 most popular questions we get asked by clients.

  1. How Good Are Our Wall Beds? – Our wall beds are top of the range. One of the key concerns with a wall bed is the mechanism that allows the wall bed to be used without issues. The cheaper wall beds don’t have a spring loaded mechanism and are difficult to manage. Your wall bed choice must be sturdy and last so don’t penny pinch on such an important investment as this will back fire on you.
  2.  Can I install the bed myself? Yes, you can and we do provide instructions and you can get Uncle Ernie to help as you will need two people but we don’t advise this at all. Our installers are qualified cabinet makers and are expert at this type of work. Quick and efficient, in and out, job done professionally is what we recommend – for yours and our peace of mind.
  3. How long will it take? We are working at a 6 week lead time currently from the bed being delivered to installation. COVID 19 has delayed everyone but we are working as fast as we can to accomodate everyone.
  4. Which is the right bed for me? This is based on installation – whether it will be mounted to stud work (Alpha Bed) or to the skirting/floor (Next Bed). If you’re in an apartment then the Next bed will probably suit but in a normal home then the Alpha bed will work best.
  5. Alpha/Next – What other differences are there?  With the Alpha bed you have shelf and cupboard access on either side of the bed all the time but with the Next bed you don’t (when the bed is in use.)
  6. Can you do special requests? Most of the time we can extend shelving or manipulate cabinetry to a certain degree as I mentioned our installers are qualified cabinet makers so can come up with solution to suit. We get many requests from people with unconventional homes and weird spaces.  The best thing to do is of course discuss all your installation requirements with Leigh Robinson. (Don’t forget we also have a walk in wardrobe division if you’re completely redesign any bedroom space?)
  7. Can we use our own mattress? Our wall beds fit most standard mattress sizes the key here is the thickness. If your existing mattress is too thick it won’t work properly so you may need to buy one from us or get one locally. Our mattresses are incredibly comfortable and well made but its up to you.

Often times a wall bed is an investment for your home and a convenient addition to your lifestyle. Choose wisely or “cry once” as my father use to say and buy quality!