Wall Beds 2022

Wall Beds June 2022

10 Quick Notes Taken From The Video

  1. There are two types of wall bed – The Alpha Bed connecting to your wall and the NeXtbed connects to your skirting or floor.
  2. The Alpha beds side cabinets or shelves have full access all the time whereas the NeXtbed has limited access to cabinetry when the bed is in use.
  3. The Alpha bed has a studio desk attached that folds down under the bed and in most cases you don’t have to clear the desk off to use the bed. Great for a home office.
  4. The NeXtbed has a library option (double & queen size only)- great for hiding the bed and using the space for book shelves at the same time.
  5. We do provide a high quality mattress but you can use an existing mattress as long as its not higher than 300mm for the Alpha Bed & 270mm for the NeXtbed and is a standard single, double, queen or king size.
  6. The NeXtbed is appropriate for most apartment dwellers.
  7. The shelving/cabinets are manufactured using the highest quality melamine and even though white is the most popular colour you can choose any colour from our colour or woodgrain swatches.
  8. Downsizing and home office (working from home) are the most current popular reason why people are getting a wall bed installed.
  9. Please note with apartments – we need lift access and parking! Especially in inner Melbourne.
  10. We only install in the state of Victoria with limitations – talk to Leigh Robinson for more wall bed details

Video Transcript:

We got into wall beds from attending the North American home show where the concept of wall beds are greatly used for people chasing space requirements. We saw an opportunity where wall beds could be used over here for the additional bedroom trying to create a bedroom of office space and anything with apartments or confined living.

It was a great concept for a wall bed where you can get your floor space back. 

There’s a great demand for wall beds here within Australia from the apartments that have gone up here there and everywhere but also the common domestic homes looking for an additional bedroom perhaps a wall bed with an office space. People going into retirement villages as well where they’re downsizing into a one bedroom concept looking for a great opportunity of getting their floor space back.

With our wall beds you can work a desk which you can turn into a home office situation with storage units on either side.

We also have a unique library bed too for people who have a book collection with our sliding library comes in either a double or queen bed size and it has a sliding bookcase concept and the bed falls down once the sliding bookcases are apart. Perfect for the person chasing a larger wall and wants a bit more of a unique furniture concept as far as bookcase and bed goes.

With installation it depends on which wall bed you’ve selected whether it’s a stud fix or a floor fix we put the wall beds together within our factory and bring them out to your home in a flat back situation for easy fast and quick installation. A normal installation can be done within a couple of hours within your home.

Wall Beds Torquay & Ocean Grove

Installing Wall Beds On The Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula

Two areas of sales growth for Wall Beds R us are the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. Both areas are famous for surfing and holidaying. The Bellarine Peninsula (part of the Geelong Council) includes Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Portarlington and Indented Heads.  The Surf Coast Shire includes Torquay, Bells Beach, Anglesea, Lorne and Aireys Inlet.

Most clients we have from these areas are either downsizing and retiring to the coast or installing a wall bed for guests in their holiday homes. In many cases the wall bed is treated as a cupboard until guests arrive. Its a great way of saving space and being unencumbered by sofa beds or pull out beds that take up too much unnecessary space. These beds are also not the most comfortable.

As Good As A “Normal” Bed

Our wall beds are”normal beds” and feel like a normal bed. The only difference is they fold away into a wardrobe size area. We also have high quality mattresses that fit the frame perfectly. We often get asked about comfort and whether the beds match your standard type bed.

From our customer feedback in many cases the wall beds were better than their existing bed. It’s important to note that the wall beds aren’t a temporary bed that guests have to endure. They are a proper bed that gives you a great nights sleep but have the added advantage of folding away and freeing up space in a room.

South Western Victoria Installations

If you are located further out in Warrnambool , Colac or Wye River or any town along the way we can deliver and install a wall bed to suit your situation. (We have even delivered and installed to Camperdown). Our wall beds can last a life time of normal use so they are worth the investment.

Our wall beds don’t necessarily have to be just for holiday homes either. We get many orders for smaller homes and apartments.

If you are in rural Victoria especially on the south west coast and have a holiday home we can help you look after your guests by installing a wall bed without or without cabinetry and shelving. Call Leigh Robinson today for more information. Check out our wall bed options here.

Wall Bed In A Wardrobe



We have been delivering and installing wall beds (or murphy beds)  across Victoria for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of installations.

This has given us the opportunity and experience to engage in a multitude of challenging installs.

Our murphy beds installers are professional cabinet makers and on other days can be found installing, kitchens, walk in wardrobes and room dividers.

Remembering with a wall bed installation you can have book shelves and cabinetry on the sides of the wall bed increasing its usefulness. You can even order a desk accessory or library shelves that take things one step further.

This brings us nicely into our other services. Namely room dividers. (We do install walk in wardrobes as well but that’s a other story for a different day)

Due to the COVID pandemic many peoples lives were completely turned upside down (and still are) and working from home became a big deal.

This meant space is a premium and plenty of reorganisation was required.

With a wall bed installed you have the opportunity of a home office during the day and a bedroom at night. Coupled with a room divider that conveniently separates you from the rest of the household.

A Room Divider For Privacy

We often get asked how well our room dividers stop the noise. Our room dividers are 6.8mm thick (the glass version) and we have had no noise complaints yet. The room divider I’m referring to here has a white translucent laminate on glass; it not only reduces noise but gives you privacy with natural light. Wow all of that in a simple room divider.



We predict that more people will prefer working from home as most of our team do, so space organisation will be a priority.If you’re lacking space such as an apartment or smaller home then a wall bed with a desk might be a viable solution. If you have a open planned living area that you can utilise then a room divider could help here as well.

A murphy bed and room divider installed could really give you the answers you need when working from home and provide you with a great home office for years to come.

The first thing to do is establish a budget and get some indicative pricing from Leigh. After which and if you’re keen to move forward Leigh can come and measure up, give you some options and a formal quote.

Your home office doubled as a bedroom is complete!

Top 7 Key Questions Answered


Melbourne & Geelong Top Wall Bed Agency

We are now becoming the top wall bed agency here in Melbourne and Geelong not only is this due to our great products and service (of course) but also due to greater demand across the board. People are really making the effort to review their space and come up with solutions that are permanent and driven by quality.

In the last 6 months here are 7 most popular questions we get asked by clients.

  1. How Good Are Our Wall Beds? – Our wall beds are top of the range. One of the key concerns with a wall bed is the mechanism that allows the wall bed to be used without issues. The cheaper wall beds don’t have a spring loaded mechanism and are difficult to manage. Your wall bed choice must be sturdy and last so don’t penny pinch on such an important investment as this will back fire on you.
  2.  Can I install the bed myself? Yes, you can and we do provide instructions and you can get Uncle Ernie to help as you will need two people but we don’t advise this at all. Our installers are qualified cabinet makers and are expert at this type of work. Quick and efficient, in and out, job done professionally is what we recommend – for yours and our peace of mind.
  3. How long will it take? We are working at a 6 week lead time currently from the bed being delivered to installation. COVID 19 has delayed everyone but we are working as fast as we can to accomodate everyone.
  4. Which is the right bed for me? This is based on installation – whether it will be mounted to stud work (Alpha Bed) or to the skirting/floor (Next Bed). If you’re in an apartment then the Next bed will probably suit but in a normal home then the Alpha bed will work best.
  5. Alpha/Next – What other differences are there?  With the Alpha bed you have shelf and cupboard access on either side of the bed all the time but with the Next bed you don’t (when the bed is in use.)
  6. Can you do special requests? Most of the time we can extend shelving or manipulate cabinetry to a certain degree as I mentioned our installers are qualified cabinet makers so can come up with solution to suit. We get many requests from people with unconventional homes and weird spaces.  The best thing to do is of course discuss all your installation requirements with Leigh Robinson. (Don’t forget we also have a walk in wardrobe division if you’re completely redesign any bedroom space?)
  7. Can we use our own mattress? Our wall beds fit most standard mattress sizes the key here is the thickness. If your existing mattress is too thick it won’t work properly so you may need to buy one from us or get one locally. Our mattresses are incredibly comfortable and well made but its up to you.

Often times a wall bed is an investment for your home and a convenient addition to your lifestyle. Choose wisely or “cry once” as my father use to say and buy quality!

Creating A Bedroom

wallbed before shot

Here’s How We Are Creating A Bedroom With A Wall Bed And More!

A client recently came to us looking to create a bedroom as well as installing a wall bed. One of our sister companies (roomdividers r us) provides room dividers both fixed and moving so we can divide up space in your home. The room dividers come in various colours and combinations to match your existing decor.

Check out the start of the project below you can see a big cumbersome bunk bed in the open taking up all the floor space. This area is at the top of a landing in a townhouse and very open so there is no noise control or privacy. The client has a relative coming to stay for an extended period so it’s important that this space is closed in.

wallbed before shot

Not only that the client wanted to get the floor space back to double up as a TV room or bedroom and so is getting a wall bed installed.

We are getting more clients coming to us to “create” bedrooms or home offices as people try to utilise the space in their home a lot more effectively.

Our room dividers are easy to install (for our installers) in most areas of your home and can partition off areas helping you to control noise, temperature and privacy.

Next year (2021) we will have an update on this project.

In the meantime if you have an area in your home that you want to use more effectively give Leigh Robinson a call. Ph: 0412 525 137

Of course if you’re looking for a wall bed he can help you there as well. In fact there are options so the wall bed’s look can match the room divider so everything works well together and is pleasing on the eye.

More to come.

Alpha & Next Bed Examples

bells beach wall bed down

Alpha & Next Bed Installations In Bells Beach & Highton

Its not often we install an Alpha Bed and Next bed all in the same week but this has just happened recently. The good thing about this is we can do a quick comparison between the two dealing with “real life” situations.

Alpha Bed

A retired couple in a three bedroom town house in Highton (Geelong) wanted a wall bed installed. The installation included book shelves cupboards and draws to fit along one of the walls of their spare bedroom. The Alpha Wall Bed was an ideal solution for them and the bed was to be used for visiting guests and relatives.

highton wall bed closed

highton wall bed full width down

Most installations like these used standard cup board and shelve sizing and we have to install these to fit the space effectively. We can customise the width of the cupboards and shelves to a degree but this generally incurs extra costs. In this example the cupboards and shelves required a small “filler” either side so the installation width-wise fitted their space perfectly.

If you look at the photo below you can barely notice the filler on the right hand side of the installation.

highton wall bed filler

Next Bed

The next installation example was a Next Bed installed again for a retired couple in Bells Beach. They too needed a wall bed for visiting guest and relatives. This wall bed was installed in a room that doubles as a home office. The finished was a dark walnut wood grain.

bells beach wall bed closed

bells beach wall bed up

bells beach wall bed down


Wall Bed Comparison

With these two installations its easy to see the differences between the two types of beds

  1. It’s not so easy to see but the Alpha Wall Bed is attached to the houses stud work whilst the Next Bed is attached to the floor and skirting.
  2. The Alpha bed has “dummy” doors that are hidden underneath the bed when it’s being used allowing cupboards, draws and shelves immediate access. The Next Bed has doors that open when the bed is in use restricting access to the shelves.
  3. The Alpha bed has a metal frame system to hold the mattress , the next bed has slats.Find out more of the differences between the two bed types here.

For more information contact Leigh Robinson today! Ph: 0412 525 137

Space Saving Murphy Bed Installation


Here Are Our 5 Top Reasons People Get A Murphy Bed Installed

Many times we espouse the virtues of our wall beds or murphy beds and the functionality of them but with our clients they have their own reasons.

Here are our last five clients and why they got a wall bed installed.

  1. Ocean Grove elderly couple had down sized and regularly had their daughter come to stay. They installed a wall bed with a desk so the room was an office by day and a bedroom by night (only when the daughter visited.)
  2. Portarlington client needed a wall bed with side shelving to extend the potential of her AirBNB property. The more beds the more income. She managed to change her home from a two bed property to a three bed property by adding an extra wall bed in one of her living areas. Very smart.
  3. Grovedale install in a garage? One lovely client converted a garage into a bedsit for herself with a single wall bed so her a daughter and her grandchildren could use her home.
  4. Music studio to a bedroom in Lara. In most cases a wall bed is used to free up space in a bedroom so the bedroom can be used as a music studio, office or play area. In this case our client practised violin during the day and needed the space.
  5. Torquay wall bed installation was a holiday home install. Again it was a space saving idea so more family members could stay at the holiday home at any given time.

When you think about it a bedroom containing a standard bed is an under utilised area that could be put to good use or you get more beds in a home that won’t clutter up the place. If you are looking to save space or use your bedroom as more than a room to sleep in then a murphy bed or wall bed is a practical solution and its not that expensive.

Talk to Leigh Robinson – the wall bed expert in the greater Geelong area (including the Surf Coast) – about any of the applications mentioned above whether its the more basic wall bed or a more comprehensive install with cupboards and shelving. Ph: 0412 525 137

How To Measure Up For A Wall Bed

three single wall beds

Wall Bed Measurements – Will It Fit?

Most people have never bought a wall bed at any time in their life and more than likely this is you. If you’re going through the lockdown and looking for more room at home then a wall bed in a home office, exercise area or even in your meditation room could be the answer.

Let us begin with measuring the area that you have for a wall bed and making sure you have allowed for everything.

Measurement #1- The Height

Height maybe important if you have ceiling fans to dodge. You don’t want to touch the blades as you pull down the bed ready to used. This also goes for lighting that might be hanging down. Safety first eh?

 Wall bed height sizes.

If height is an issue don’t forget about a horizontal Murphy bed. This makes it easy to use the top of the bed as a shelf or for storage. Please note there is no king size available for a horizontal bed.

Single 2087mm
Double 2087mm
Queen 2215mm

Horizontal wall bed height sizes.

If height is an issue don’t forget about a horizontal murphy bed. This makes it easy to use the top of the bed as a shelf or for storage

Single 1187mm
Double 1565mm
Queen 1565mm

Measurement #2  – The Width

It’s a good idea to allow for the width of your bed so it’s easy to make or tuck in the kids goodnight.

 Wall bed width sizes.

Single 1123mm
Double 1380mm
Queen 1658mm
King 2066mm

Horizontal wall bed width sizes.

Single 2028mm
Double 2028mm
Queen 2155mm

Measurement #3 – The Length – How far will the bed stick out?

When a wall bed is down and ready to be used and slept in you will need to allow for the protrusion of the bed. That is from the bed head or wall bed cabinet to the end of the bed where your feet will be.

Single 2150mm
Double 2150mm
Queen 2285mm
King 2066mm

Horizontal wall bed length sizes.

Single 1258mm
Double 1637mm
Queen 1791mm

A good idea is to use masking tape to map the outline of the bed so wardrobe doors and bedroom doors don’t get in the way. A little bit of preplanning will certainly stop any annoying mistakes after installation.

Whether it’s a vertical or horizontal bed the cabinetry containing the bed when it’s hidden away protrudes from the wall at 410mm  – about the size of a standard cupboard.

Any more size issues contact Leigh Robinson today. Ph: 0412 525 137

Wall Beds Adelaide


We Supply Wall Beds To Adelaide

We supply wall beds to Adelaide with installation instructions so here is how you can order a wall bed if you live in South Australia.

  1. Measure the area of the room that you want the wall bed installed into and choose an appropriate size wall bed. Either single, double, queen or king.
  2. Order your bed from Leigh Robinson: Ph: 0412 525 137 – you can pay online. Leigh will also make sure you will receive installation instructions.
  3. We highly recommend you organise a cabinet maker, carpenter or builder to install the bed for you as normally it takes two people to install the bed safely.
  4. The cabinet maker or carpenter may also help you with side book shelves and cupboards flat packs – check out our gallery for examples that you can show your installer.

We don’t have installers to recommend as we are Melbourne based and it’s much better if you have control of the installation in Adelaide. The wall beds are not that difficult to install for a professional cabinet maker and should only take a few hours.

Be aware of accessibility especially if you live in an apartment complex. The wall bed will fit in a standard lift and the mattresses are vacuumed sealed to make them easier to transport.

Australian Bed and Mattress sizes

Bed Type Metric Measurements (cm) Imperial Measurements
Single Bed size  92 cm x 187 cm 3’0″ x 6’2″ (36″ x 74″)
Double Size 137 cm x 187 cm 4’6″ x 6’2″ (54″x 74″)
Queen Size 153 cm x 203 cm 5’0″ x 6’8″ (60″x 80″)
King Size (Alpha Bed Only) 183 cm x 203 cm 6’0″ x 6’8″ (72″ x 80″)

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery once payment has been received.


Geelong Wall Bed Installation

Supplying Wall Beds To Geelong, Ocean Grove & Torquay

As we are based in Geelong but supply Wall Beds throughout Victoria here are the 5 most popular questions we get asked from local residents.

  1. Are Wall Beds as comfortable as standard beds?

    A good night sleep is based on the mattress and our wall bed mattresses are superior and made to be slept on all year round not just for occasional guests. You can fit a mattress of your choice especially if you have special needs or use your existing mattress. Regardless there is no difference in comfort between a standard bed or a wall bed.

  2. Can I install the wall bed myself?

    You can install the wall bed yourself but we don’t recommend it unless you are a carpenter or cabinet maker. It’s a two person job so you will need to organise a helper. Our installers do this type of work all the time and are also expert with installing shelves and cupboards. There are too many tricky variables for a do-it-yourselfer.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Wall beds vary in price depending of course on size but also on any extras you may want such as a fold down desk attachment, shelving or cupboards or even library shelving. If you are looking for a wall bed and are working on a budget email or call  Leigh and he’ll give you an idea of costings.

  4. How long does it take to install and when can I get my wall bed installed.

    It only takes a few hours or a morning to install most wall beds. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery and installation. If you do need your wall bed sooner often we can organise this for you but we will need plenty of warning.

  5. Can you deliver to apartments?

    Yes we have done many apartment installations. The delivery can be challenging going up lifts but we have many successful installations, mostly in Melbourne as there aren’t too many apartments in Geelong, Ocean Grove or Torquay. Interestingly enough we do many local wall bed installations in converted garages.

If you are in Geelong or greater Geelong we can help you with a wall bed and also with measuring the area you have if you are unsure. Call Leigh Robinson today Ph: 0412 525 137