Mr Wall Beds Melbourne – Interview Pt 2


Here is the second part of an interview I did with one of my clients

Wall Bed Questions Answered

How long will a wall bed last?

As long as you don’t let the grand kids jump all over your bed it should last a lifetime. Generally its the mattress that might need replacing most manufacturers say a mattress should last between 8 – 10 years but it really depends on how much use your mattress gets. The wall bed can be used daily and last a very long time.

Can I take my wall bed with me if I move house?

Your wall bed can be dismantled easily so yes you can take it with you if you move. You must be careful with the cabinetry or the surrounding book cases this might be a challenge do take out and the existing wall area may require finishing. The wall bed itself is easy to disassemble so you should have any problems taking the wall bed with you.

How does my wall bed attach to the wall?

This depends on the wall bed you choose. If you choose the Alpha Bed with cabinetry, the cabinetry attaches to the stud work within your homeĀ  – the wall bed itself is obviously attached to the cabinetry. If you choose a wall bed without cabinetry such as the Next Bed this attaches to the skirting board or floor.

Is the wall bed a real bed or similar to a sofa or trundle bed?

Our Wall Beds are a proper bed that simply folds up. They are definitely not a wonky, uncomfortable sofa or trundle bed. These types of beds are temporary pieces of furniture whereas our wall beds are proper, permanent and comfortable and give you the same comfort as a stand alone bed. In some cases a better sleep as well.

Do I have to make the bed every time its use?

The wall bed comes with a strap the holds your bedding to the bed so you don’t have to keep remaking the bed. You simply make the bed, strap it up and then hide the bed in its cupboard. Very convenient.

If you have any more questions regarding Wall Beds call Leigh Robinson today. Ph: 0412 525 137


A recent (double) wall bed install in a renovated apartment

Mr Wall Beds Melbourne – An Interview Pt 1

Mr Wall Beds

Recently I was interviewed and grilled slightly by one of my clients!

Why should I buy your wall bed compared to any others?

Our wall beds come from Chicago and are the real deal. I went to many trade shows in the USA and compared products and also compared products that were already available in Australia. I found the Chicago Murphy Beds to be the best quality wall bed (including their amazing mattresses) and started importing them because they were so well made and designed.

Why do most people buy your wall beds?

Our past clients have bought a wall bed mainly because of room space issues. Some have bought a wall bed to replace trundle beds with thin and uncomfortable mattresses but the majority of orders are to get a room to be more functional and to use the space more effectively. It’s a living decision, often smaller rooms are immediately cluttered and cramped with a normal bed whereas a wall bed eliminates this issue.

How did you become Mr Wall Bed?

About 15 years ago I brought the Chicago wall beds to Australia and they were great because their design also allowed us to create or add our own cabinetry such as book shelves and cupboards. This help our clients buy a proper piece of furniture that was well installed and look amazing as it match the decor of the existing room. I guess if you’ve been involved in wall beds for as long as I have you get to earn your stripes.

Are wall beds becoming more popular?

We have found the market is growing especially as people downsize in retirement and apartment living is becoming more popular. Having said that we have found all sorts of people are buying wall beds including Air BnB owners. The word is certainly spreading. One of our most popular wall beds is a wall bed with a folding desk as this helps create space but also gives you a home office function.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by phone (Ph: 0412 525 137) because I can response quite quickly otherwise fill in a contact form on the website.