3 Ways A Wall Bed Can Make Your Life Easier

Horizontal Wall Bed

Do you know we have a horizontal single wall bed that can be installed easily into a bedroom or a hallway. In our modern society often families are divided so instead of having a bed that remains permanently fixed, taking up room a single wall bed can temporarily accommodate a visiting child, maybe even used for sleep overs. Heck you could even use for when Grandma comes to stay or for the baby sitter. You don’t even have to have it in a bedroom as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs we have installed a horizontal wall bed in a hall way before.

Wall Bed Shelving & Cupboards

It’s going to make your life easier with book shelves. Most homes don’t have a decent set of book shelves and the good thing about our wall bed bookshelves is they are custom made to suit your available space. Not only will a wall bed save you space but so will the book shelves or cupboards either side of the wall bed. These will tidy up a room and are to designed to work together to give a polished finish tip your rooms layout.

The shelves also solve the issue of having limited furniture and storage opportunities in a smaller room such as an apartment. The shelves and wall bed line up against one wall so you won’t need other furniture that is cumbersome and difficult to fit in a smaller room. (Did I mention we do reach in wardrobes as well that can match your wall bed – No? Oh we should be talking then!)


Wall Bed Closed And Forgotten

The Wall Bed comes with a strap that holds the mattress on and this helps secure blankets or duvet and sheets to the bed so you don’t even have to make the bed to close it up. Its fast and easy. Don’t you like the idea of closing the bed, the room looks larger and tidier immediately and you can rush off and start your day? When you get home you don’t see a messy bed filling up the room but a tidy space leaving you with no anxiety or mess stress. By the way the bed is quite easy to make but if you’re time poor who cares.

Wall beds can make your life easier and it’s important that where you live is a sanctuary and gives you peace without clutter and that feeling like you’re hemmed. Even a normal size house is full of under utilised bedrooms that could significantly change with a high quality wall bed installation.


We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...