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Hi I'm Leigh Robinson, manager of Wall Beds R US, we supply high quality Wall Beds across Australia.

We supply and install wall beds, cabinets and book shelves in the Greater Melbourne and Geelong Areas.

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Choose the exact Wall Bed below to suit your purpose.

point cook wall bed 2

Alpha Bed

The Alpha bed is similar to the NeXtbed (below) but you have access to the shelves or cupboards either side of the bed when the bed is in use.


  • The beds are spring lifting mechanisms to accomodate any mattress up to a maximum of 300mm.
  • Heavy duty manufacture with universal, easy-operation lift mechanisms.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Perfectly  balanced with finger tip control
  • Bed feet are designed to be hidden away so no tripping!
  • Increased load bearing due to superior design
  • Steel spring covers for a durable, protected finish and add safety

This bed is mounted to the stud work and is the perfect Wall Bed for your home.

Alpha Bed With Desk

Our version of the Alpha Bed with a desk is a hit for the home office. You don't have to clear the desk when using the bed. It simply folds underneath the bed and is ready to use when you put the bed back in the closed position.

Alpha Bed showing spring mechanism - flat packs available to buy

Alpha Bed Mechanism Only

We can supply an Alpha Bed anywhere in Australia for you to organise a handyman, builder or cabinet maker to install. Full installation instructions will be provided.

If you are in the greater Geelong or greater Melbourne areas we can deliver and install for you.

Extra cabinets or shelves are also available in flat packs as well as a high quality mattress.

We highly recommend you organise professional help with your installation.

next bed 2


The NeXtbed is the perfect answer for apartments or studios where the building frame is difficult to use.

The NeXtbed can easily bolted to the floor or skirting with little fuss.


  • Small foot print, 450mm - less than a wardrobe
  • Legs extend automatically with protective floor caps
  • Perfectly  balanced with finger tip control
  • Mattress is supported by laminated slates for greater comfort
  • Mattresses are available but any mattress can be used up to 270mm in height.

Overall this wall bed is beautifully designed and easy to install.

next bed
NeXtbed flat packs available - stand alone wall bed no cabinetry

NeXtbed Mechanism Only

Our popular NeXtbed wall bed can be delivered to you in flat packs. As with the Alpha Bed you will need to organise a professional installer to successful install the NeXtbed. Full installation instructions will be provided. This is a great option if you are on a budget or time constraints (delivery around Australia in approx. 7 days) and you don't require cabinetry.

If you are in the greater Geelong or greater Melbourne areas we can deliver and install for you.

wall bed componets
next bed up - stored
next bed assembly instructions

NeXtbed - LIBRARY - Sliding Bookcase

Turn your bedroom into an office or den by installing the NeXtbed Library Sliding Bookcase.

This amazing design will accept a full load of books and other material with 4 Wheel Nylon Carriers support up to 300 lbs (136kgs) each.





We are excited to announce a new release. An all white studio desk. Yes the frame of the desk is now available in white.



A must add if you're using your wall bed as an office.

Walls Beds For Your Home or Apartment

Wall beds or Murphy beds as they are sometimes called are the perfect way of regaining functional space in your home or apartment. Whether it's the grand children or family members coming to stay or you wish to use your bedroom as an office, wall beds offer a tidy and practical solution to your space requirements.

The wall beds are high quality products and come in different sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Often we think of temporary beds as the old pull out trundle beds or makeshift camp beds or even a mattress on the floor. These solutions are a nuisance and don’t offer a great nights sleep plus they are difficult to store. With our wall beds they are fully installed and only stand out from walls at 410mm less than the depth of a standard cupboard.

The Wall beds are designed to utilise the space in your room effectively and can be surrounded by a desk, shelves, mirrors or a hung TV. It's almost as if you don’t know a wall bed is behind its doors but at the touch of a finger a quality bed appears.

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We do custom built walk in wardrobes and room dividers as well...