Wall Beds – 3 Commercial Examples


Wall Beds Can Be Used For Commercial  Purposes

We sell most of our wall beds to home owners who are looking to gain back space in their home and use this space more effectively. This especially applies to couples who have downsized and have family come to stay regularly. Saving space can also be a bonus in a commercial environment as well. Here are three examples that we have installed over the past 12 months.

Air BNB Wall Bed

We have a client that bought a property in a popular beach side town and converted this family home into an airbnb business. The home was huge and was a hit for large families or two families at once that could share the costs. It’s difficult for larger families to find accommodation that includes rowdy young children who want to play all the time. The owner , realising that they needed to maximise space for their guests installed a wall bed in one of the lounge areas. Even smaller airbnb properties could benefit from a wall bed. The more guests you can squeeze in the more bookings you get so a wall bed for accommodation purposes is a great business investment.

Hospitals & Hospices

Hospital almost always have space issues over time as the population grows and a wall bed can help. Many times parents of sick children or hospice patient visitors need temporary sleeping arrangements that aren’t a clumsy , pull out trundle bed. Horizontal wall beds are a great solution here.

Home Office or Studio

These days there are some serious home offices where a truck load of business is done but by early evening the room remains unused. Installing a wall bed can make the use of the space more productive especially in small studios, second bedrooms or apartments. We have even installed wall beds in artists studios and musicians recording studios to better utilise the space.

If you are compromised with space on a commercial level then installing a wall bed could be the answer. Even if you have a large , swanky office downtown you could install a book shelf wall bed or a horizontal bed for a quick afternoon nap and no one would know!

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