We have been delivering and installing wall beds (or murphy beds) ¬†across Victoria for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of installations.

This has given us the opportunity and experience to engage in a multitude of challenging installs.

Our murphy beds installers are professional cabinet makers and on other days can be found installing, kitchens, walk in wardrobes and room dividers.

Remembering with a wall bed installation you can have book shelves and cabinetry on the sides of the wall bed increasing its usefulness. You can even order a desk accessory or library shelves that take things one step further.

This brings us nicely into our other services. Namely room dividers. (We do install walk in wardrobes as well but that’s a other story for a different day)

Due to the COVID pandemic many peoples lives were completely turned upside down (and still are) and working from home became a big deal.

This meant space is a premium and plenty of reorganisation was required.

With a wall bed installed you have the opportunity of a home office during the day and a bedroom at night. Coupled with a room divider that conveniently separates you from the rest of the household.

A Room Divider For Privacy

We often get asked how well our room dividers stop the noise. Our room dividers are 6.8mm thick (the glass version) and we have had no noise complaints yet. The room divider I’m referring to here has a white translucent laminate on glass; it not only reduces noise but gives you privacy with natural light. Wow all of that in a simple room divider.



We predict that more people will prefer working from home as most of our team do, so space organisation will be a priority.If you’re lacking space such as an apartment or smaller home then a wall bed with a desk might be a viable solution. If you have a open planned living area that you can utilise then a room divider could help here as well.

A murphy bed and room divider installed could really give you the answers you need when working from home and provide you with a great home office for years to come.

The first thing to do is establish a budget and get some indicative pricing from Leigh. After which and if you’re keen to move forward Leigh can come and measure up, give you some options and a formal quote.

Your home office doubled as a bedroom is complete!