7 More Reasons To Get A Wall Bed

Lawrence Murphy (inventor of the Murphy bed) was a smart guy and we all know why he wanted a wall bed.  He needed to woo his lady in a studio apartment so his bed must be hidden lest the neighbours start gossiping.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Getting A Wall Bed Is A Great Idea

1. If you have guests over the old pull out trundle bed is probably the worst sleep ever. A wall bed is a proper bed with a great mattress. It’s a comfortable, refreshing nights sleep and your guests will appreciate this.

2. Did you know there is a horizontal bed available ready for emergencies. When your adult child rocks up and needs a place to sleep. Its a smaller unit than the vertical wall bed but still the convenience is right there. We have installed this type of wall bed in a hall way a few times.

3. Your home might have 5 bedrooms but that means a few of them will be tiny. Getting a wall bed makes sense especially for a child who likes to play quietly in their room but has no room. Wall beds don’t always have to be queen size you can easily order a single.

Renovating, relocating, children jumping, reusing the garage…

4. Renovating or relocating can be expensive eh? Why not rethink each room and how to better utilise the space, go on I dare you?

5. Sick of animals or kids jumping on the beds? Get a wall bed for each room, problem solved.

6. The greatest contributor to human anxiety is clutter. To counter act this a wall bed gives you back room space to do yoga or meditation or simply sit and enjoy the space around you. Normal beds take up so much room they leave a room valueless most of the time.

7. Be unconventional. We have installed many wall beds in garages for when the relatives come to town or as the family expands. Most of the newer garages are insulated and are like extra rooms so a wall bed install is a great idea.

Space is expensive and its getting more so. Call me (Leigh Robinson) to discuss your anxiety or family needs and let’s get your space issues death with in a timely manner.

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Five Popular Wall Bed Questions Answered


We get asked all sorts of questions regarding wall beds and installing a wall bed.

Here are Our Most Common Wall Bed Questions

    1. How Much Does A Wall Bed Cost?

      This is by far the most popular wall bed question we get asked and of course it depends on whether you have accessories such as shelves either side (or single side), a desk accessory or a certain type of finish and whether you want a mattress included. Pricing for the most basic flat pack, ready to assemble with cabinetry surround (not including installation or accessories) is single : $1980 double: $2175  queen  $2340 king: $2550.

    2. How Long Does A Wall Bed Take To Install?

      A wall bed takes about half a day to install but may take longer if book shelves are to be installed. It may take even longer if your apartment is in a high rise as delivery up and down elevators adds to the time taken to install.

    3. How Long Will A Wall Bed Last?

      A wall bed that is treated properly (no kids jumping etc) should last a life time. Our wall beds have a limited life time warranty on manufacturer’s defects.

    4. Do You Delivery To Multi-storey Apartments?

      We deliver anywhere even to high rise apartments and this includes installation by us or by a trades person of your choice. If you’re keen you can install the wall bed yourself but we don’t recommend this.

    5. Why Should We Choose Wall Beds R Us?

      There are many reasons why you should choose our company so I will go through a few reasons why we can help you whether you’re in Melbourne, Geelong or the Greater Geelong Area. (also check out our happy clients)

– Our product is about the best wall bed we could find so the quality is right up there.

– Secondly you’re dealing directly with the owner of the company, me, so I have to make sure you are completely satisfied. The buck stops with me.

– We have installed a raft of different wall beds in a multitude of interesting scenarios and experience counts when it comes to this type of work. We back our installers 150%.

– Ask me about our latest special offer – this gives me the opportunity to thank you for your business.

If you’re looking to utilise the limited space you have then call me today. Leigh Robinson: Ph: 0412 525 137

Selling Wall Beds

wall bed

Selling Wall Beds In Melbourne, Australia

Often we write all about great our wall beds and the amazing features that include book cases, custom mattress, collapsible desks and the amazing benefits of a space saving wall bed. In Australia selling wall beds or Murphy beds is a relative new phenomena and it’s not quite as popular as it in the USA but its growing.

In Australia we have always had room in our houses but the landscape is changing in two very important ways. The increase in older citizens downsizing and the increase in apartment living. We have also seen interest and sales in two bedroom units. As the population diversifies we are seeing a greater interest in getting a wall bed from these three sectors.

The fourth area we see wall beds making inroads is into AirBnB properties and holiday homes which are usually smaller and lack the space.

Wall bed technology is so well developed now the quality is superb and installation only takes a few hours.

When you think about it beds are such a waste of space and every home should have a wall bed installed in every room. Of course for our company that would be fantastic but logically it makes sense doesn’t it.

Wall Bed With Desk Install

Our most recent install was for a lovely lady who lived alone in a small two bedroom unit who wanted to convert her bedroom into an office during the day. We installed a wall bed with the folding desk option so she could do this easily. The desk allows a PC to be installed that doesn’t need removing when the desk is folded down. This is a classic example of the lady downsizing and reclaiming or rather better utilisation of her existing room space.

This type of install is getting popular.


wall bed with desk