Wall Beds 2022

Wall Beds June 2022

10 Quick Notes Taken From The Video

  1. There are two types of wall bed – The Alpha Bed connecting to your wall and the NeXtbed connects to your skirting or floor.
  2. The Alpha beds side cabinets or shelves have full access all the time whereas the NeXtbed has limited access to cabinetry when the bed is in use.
  3. The Alpha bed has a studio desk attached that folds down under the bed and in most cases you don’t have to clear the desk off to use the bed. Great for a home office.
  4. The NeXtbed has a library option (double & queen size only)- great for hiding the bed and using the space for book shelves at the same time.
  5. We do provide a high quality mattress but you can use an existing mattress as long as its not higher than 300mm for the Alpha Bed & 270mm for the NeXtbed and is a standard single, double, queen or king size.
  6. The NeXtbed is appropriate for most apartment dwellers.
  7. The shelving/cabinets are manufactured using the highest quality melamine and even though white is the most popular colour you can choose any colour from our colour or woodgrain swatches.
  8. Downsizing and home office (working from home) are the most current popular reason why people are getting a wall bed installed.
  9. Please note with apartments – we need lift access and parking! Especially in inner Melbourne.
  10. We only install in the state of Victoria with limitations – talk to Leigh Robinson for more wall bed details

Video Transcript:

We got into wall beds from attending the North American home show where the concept of wall beds are greatly used for people chasing space requirements. We saw an opportunity where wall beds could be used over here for the additional bedroom trying to create a bedroom of office space and anything with apartments or confined living.

It was a great concept for a wall bed where you can get your floor space back. 

There’s a great demand for wall beds here within Australia from the apartments that have gone up here there and everywhere but also the common domestic homes looking for an additional bedroom perhaps a wall bed with an office space. People going into retirement villages as well where they’re downsizing into a one bedroom concept looking for a great opportunity of getting their floor space back.

With our wall beds you can work a desk which you can turn into a home office situation with storage units on either side.

We also have a unique library bed too for people who have a book collection with our sliding library comes in either a double or queen bed size and it has a sliding bookcase concept and the bed falls down once the sliding bookcases are apart. Perfect for the person chasing a larger wall and wants a bit more of a unique furniture concept as far as bookcase and bed goes.

With installation it depends on which wall bed you’ve selected whether it’s a stud fix or a floor fix we put the wall beds together within our factory and bring them out to your home in a flat back situation for easy fast and quick installation. A normal installation can be done within a couple of hours within your home.