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Alpha Bed Mechanism

By Leigh Robinson / March 14, 2024

The Alpha Bed Mechanism: Revolutionising Space with Strength and Precision We supply the Alpha Bed wall bed with installation in Victoria but if you’re looking to just buy the amazing mechanism here is everything you need to know. In the realm of innovative home solutions, the Alpha Bed Mechanism stands out as a testament to … Read more

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point cook wall bed 2

Wall Bed 2024 – A Quick Guide

By Leigh Robinson / November 28, 2023

When it comes to optimising space in your home, wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are a versatile and functional choice. They not only save valuable floor space but can also be a core element in the design of a room. One important consideration when selecting a wall bed is whether to choose a … Read more

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Alpha Bed Cabinets & Shelves

By Leigh Robinson / July 25, 2023

Alpha Bed Cabinets & Shelves Alpha bed cabinets, bedside cabinets, bookshelves, and cupboards are integral components of an alpha bed system, providing additional storage options and enhancing the functionality of the space. These features not only maximise the utility of the room but also contribute to its overall organisation and aesthetics. Cabinets Alpha bed cabinets … Read more

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Wall Beds Adelaide

By Leigh Robinson / July 5, 2020

We Supply Wall Beds To Adelaide We supply wall beds to Adelaide with installation instructions so here is how you can order a wall bed if you live in South Australia. Measure the area of the room that you want the wall bed installed into and choose an appropriate size wall bed. Either single, double, … Read more

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wall bed with desk

Wall Bed With A Desk

By Leigh Robinson / April 13, 2020

Wall Bed – Murphy Bed – With Studio Desk Installation Here is a great testimonial from a happy client with their wall bed with a desk. “I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for all your help in getting our wall bed installed earlier this year. We initially wanted … Read more

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More Frequently Asked Questions

By Leigh Robinson / February 26, 2020

Our Top Five Murphy Bed Questions Answered Is A Wall Bed Comfortable? This is by far one of the most popular questions we get. A Murphy bed or wall bed with a standard size mattress (ie thickness approx. 30 cm) is as comfortable as a normal bed. Its much better than a thin futon mattress … Read more

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Wall Bed For An AIR BnB

By Leigh Robinson / January 12, 2020

Alpha Wall Bed Installation We recently installed an Alpha Wall Bed in a new Air BnB property in Curlewis a suburb close to Drysdale in the Greater Geelong area. The property was a studio style property and the wall bed had to match the existing decor especially the kitchen area. This meant the wall bed … Read more

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horizontal wall bed

Horizontal Wall Bed

By Leigh Robinson / October 31, 2019

Horizontal Wall Beds Take Up Less Room I think everyone understands the concept of regaining valuable floor space by installing a wall bed. This is so what little room you do have is not wasted by a clumpy bed taking up the whole room. With a horizontal bed you can actually save on space when … Read more

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Wall Beds & More

By Leigh Robinson / October 17, 2019

Two More Ways We Can Help Save Space As you can ascertain we do wall beds and wall beds are an excellent way of saving space in your apartment or home. BUT there are two other ways we can help you save space thats with room dividers or sliding doors and walk in wardrobes. Saving … Read more

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3 Wall Bed Customers And Their Stories Pt 1

By Leigh Robinson / August 6, 2019

The Stories Behind Our Wall Bed Installations Wall beds are still a relatively new concept here in Victoria although they have been around for about a hundred years starting out as Murphy beds in the USA. It all has to do with space and need and for many years houses in our state have been … Read more

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