Wall Beds Torquay & Ocean Grove

Installing Wall Beds On The Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula

Two areas of sales growth for Wall Beds R us are the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. Both areas are famous for surfing and holidaying. The Bellarine Peninsula (part of the Geelong Council) includes Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Portarlington and Indented Heads.  The Surf Coast Shire includes Torquay, Bells Beach, Anglesea, Lorne and Aireys Inlet.

Most clients we have from these areas are either downsizing and retiring to the coast or installing a wall bed for guests in their holiday homes. In many cases the wall bed is treated as a cupboard until guests arrive. Its a great way of saving space and being unencumbered by sofa beds or pull out beds that take up too much unnecessary space. These beds are also not the most comfortable.

As Good As A “Normal” Bed

Our wall beds are”normal beds” and feel like a normal bed. The only difference is they fold away into a wardrobe size area. We also have high quality mattresses that fit the frame perfectly. We often get asked about comfort and whether the beds match your standard type bed.

From our customer feedback in many cases the wall beds were better than their existing bed. It’s important to note that the wall beds aren’t a temporary bed that guests have to endure. They are a proper bed that gives you a great nights sleep but have the added advantage of folding away and freeing up space in a room.

South Western Victoria Installations

If you are located further out in Warrnambool , Colac or Wye River or any town along the way we can deliver and install a wall bed to suit your situation. (We have even delivered and installed to Camperdown). Our wall beds can last a life time of normal use so they are worth the investment.

Our wall beds don’t necessarily have to be just for holiday homes either. We get many orders for smaller homes and apartments.

If you are in rural Victoria especially on the south west coast and have a holiday home we can help you look after your guests by installing a wall bed without or without cabinetry and shelving. Call Leigh Robinson today for more information. Check out our wall bed options here.

Wall Bed In A Wardrobe