Alpha & Next Bed Examples

bells beach wall bed down

Alpha & Next Bed Installations In Bells Beach & Highton

Its not often we install an Alpha Bed and Next bed all in the same week but this has just happened recently. The good thing about this is we can do a quick comparison between the two dealing with “real life” situations.

Alpha Bed

A retired couple in a three bedroom town house in Highton (Geelong) wanted a wall bed installed. The installation included book shelves cupboards and draws to fit along one of the walls of their spare bedroom. The Alpha Wall Bed was an ideal solution for them and the bed was to be used for visiting guests and relatives.

highton wall bed closed

highton wall bed full width down

Most installations like these used standard cup board and shelve sizing and we have to install these to fit the space effectively. We can customise the width of the cupboards and shelves to a degree but this generally incurs extra costs. In this example the cupboards and shelves required a small “filler” either side so the installation width-wise fitted their space perfectly.

If you look at the photo below you can barely notice the filler on the right hand side of the installation.

highton wall bed filler

Next Bed

The next installation example was a Next Bed installed again for a retired couple in Bells Beach. They too needed a wall bed for visiting guest and relatives. This wall bed was installed in a room that doubles as a home office. The finished was a dark walnut wood grain.

bells beach wall bed closed

bells beach wall bed up

bells beach wall bed down


Wall Bed Comparison

With these two installations its easy to see the differences between the two types of beds

  1. It’s not so easy to see but the Alpha Wall Bed is attached to the houses stud work whilst the Next Bed is attached to the floor and skirting.
  2. The Alpha bed has “dummy” doors that are hidden underneath the bed when it’s being used allowing cupboards, draws and shelves immediate access. The Next Bed has doors that open when the bed is in use restricting access to the shelves.
  3. The Alpha bed has a metal frame system to hold the mattress , the next bed has slats.Find out more of the differences between the two bed types here.

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