Selling Wall Beds

Selling Wall Beds In Melbourne, Australia

Often we write all about great our wall beds and the amazing features that include book cases, custom mattress, collapsible desks and the amazing benefits of a space saving wall bed. In Australia selling wall beds or Murphy beds is a relative new phenomena and it’s not quite as popular as it in the USA but its growing.

In Australia we have always had room in our houses but the landscape is changing in two very important ways. The increase in older citizens downsizing and the increase in apartment living. We have also seen interest and sales in two bedroom units. As the population diversifies we are seeing a greater interest in getting a wall bed from these three sectors.

The fourth area we see wall beds making inroads is into AirBnB properties and holiday homes which are usually smaller and lack the space.

Wall bed technology is so well developed now the quality is superb and installation only takes a few hours.

When you think about it beds are such a waste of space and every home should have a wall bed installed in every room. Of course for our company that would be fantastic but logically it makes sense doesn’t it.

Wall Bed With Desk Install

Our most recent install was for a lovely lady who lived alone in a small two bedroom unit who wanted to convert her bedroom into an office during the day. We installed a wall bed with the folding desk option so she could do this easily. The desk allows a PC to be installed that doesn’t need removing when the desk is folded down. This is a classic example of the lady downsizing and reclaiming or rather better utilisation of her existing room space.

This type of install is getting popular.


wall bed with desk

We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...