Wall Beds Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Beds Five Most Popular Questions Answered

If you’re thinking of installing a wall bed that’s great many have gone before . Here’s some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis.

  1. Can You Use A Wall Bed Everyday?
    A wall bed can be used just like a standard floor bed. There is no problem using your wall bed everyday for years. The quality of your regular sleep however is based on how good your mattress is. We sell a great mattress perfectly suited for your wall bed and a good night sleep.
  2. Do I Need To Remove Duvet, Blankets & Sheets?
    There is a convenient strap that holds all your bedding to the mattress so nothing will flop around when you close the wall bed.
  3. Does It Take Big Muscles To Close The Bed?
    You don’t have to be Arnie to close your wall bed. In fact it’s easy to close because of our unique spring system. Any adult that has no arm or shoulder issues can close the wall bed easily.
  4. What Does The Wall Bed attached To?
    There are two ways the wall beds are attached. 1. Is to the skirting (normally for small rooms or apartments where there is steel wall framing) and no room for side shelves or cupboards. 2. To the wall studs when side book shelves and cupboards are required. Either way its a strong hold!
  5. Are Wall Beds Great To Sleep On?
    A good nights kip is based on the quality of a mattress and most mattresses are ok to use with the wall bed. The wall bed is not one of those dubious pull out trundle beds or sofa beds that may give you a rotten sleep. The wall bed is as good as a floor based bed with the added convenience of folding away and giving you more room.If you have any more questions contact Leigh Robinson TODAY!

We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...