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Two More Ways We Can Help Save Space

As you can ascertain we do wall beds and wall beds are an excellent way of saving space in your apartment or home. BUT there are two other ways we can help you save space thats with room dividers or sliding doors and walk in wardrobes.

Saving or Gaining Room Space

We may appear to be separate entities but founder and owner Leigh Robinson has brought together Wall Beds R Us, Wardrobe Systems and Room Dividers R Us under the banner Indeco Australasia. That may seem a bit confusing but the tie in is space saving.

Leigh Robinson explains

“That often when people are looking to renovate they are concerned about using the available space they have in their home efficiently. Many times we are quoting on a wall bed and the owner needs a sliding door installed or a walk in wardrobe. If they are installed at the same time or shelving is manufactured together then there is a saving in cost and space solutions are solved quicker.

The same thing happens with a new build. If we can get in early is super convenient for the home owner and they can nail two (or three) birds with one install.

If we can find ways that suit our installers we can save time and money for the client.”

Building or Renovating?

As with shelving for the wall beds the walk in wardrobes are customised to suit the space you have. The room dividers are also custom made to suit your decor and room size. It’s quite rare to find this kind of space saving convenience with bespoke offerings.

If you are renovating or building then get in contact with Leigh as soon as you can in case the building work affects installation. Or if you need a wall bed, or walk in wardrobe or room divider then contact Leigh for a free measure and quote and a ton of advice.

CallĀ  Leigh TODAY! Ph: 0412 525 137

We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...