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Selling Wall Beds

By Leigh Robinson / June 3, 2019

Selling Wall Beds In Melbourne, Australia Often we write all about great our wall beds and the amazing features that include book cases, custom mattress, collapsible desks and the amazing benefits of a space saving wall bed. In Australia selling wall beds or Murphy beds is a relative new phenomena and it’s not quite as … Read more

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Murphy Bed, Wall Bed, Sexual Conquest!

By Leigh Robinson / April 29, 2019

A Murphy Bed is an older term for a wall bed named after William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy lived in a studio apartment that was basically a single room and lived in an era when it just wasn’t done to entertain guests in your “bedroom” especially of the opposite sex. Mr Murphy Gets Laid! William Murphy … Read more

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7 Reasons To Get A Wall Bed Today!

By Leigh Robinson / April 5, 2019

Wall beds are a brilliant solution to getting your floor space back whether you have down sized or live in an apartment or smaller home. Often referred to as a Murphy bed the technology today is so good that the beds can be adapted for many different types of rooms or applications. The image above … Read more

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