Wall Bed Advice


By Leigh Robinson / February 2, 2022

WALL BEDS – SPACE ORGANISATION We have been delivering and installing wall beds (or murphy beds)  across Victoria for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of installations. This has given us the opportunity and experience to engage in a multitude of challenging installs. Our murphy beds installers are professional cabinet makers and on other … Read more

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Top 7 Key Questions Answered

By Leigh Robinson / January 26, 2021

Melbourne & Geelong Top Wall Bed Agency We are now becoming the top wall bed agency here in Melbourne and Geelong not only is this due to our great products and service (of course) but also due to greater demand across the board. People are really making the effort to review their space and come … Read more

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three single wall beds

How To Measure Up For A Wall Bed

By Leigh Robinson / September 19, 2020

Wall Bed Measurements – Will It Fit? Most people have never bought a wall bed at any time in their life and more than likely this is you. If you’re going through the lockdown and looking for more room at home then a wall bed in a home office, exercise area or even in your … Read more

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Corona Virus & Installations

By Leigh Robinson / March 12, 2020

We Are Currently Open For Business The corona virus has sent many businesses into a spin but because of the nature of our business we are still trading. If you are ordering a bed without book cases or shelves then a visit from our sales consultant might not be necessary. Here’s how we operate during … Read more

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Wall Beds – 3 Commercial Examples

By Leigh Robinson / November 5, 2019

Wall Beds Can Be Used For Commercial  Purposes We sell most of our wall beds to home owners who are looking to gain back space in their home and use this space more effectively. This especially applies to couples who have downsized and have family come to stay regularly. Saving space can also be a … Read more

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Wall Beds Frequently Asked Questions

By Leigh Robinson / September 24, 2019

Wall Beds Five Most Popular Questions Answered If you’re thinking of installing a wall bed that’s great many have gone before . Here’s some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Can You Use A Wall Bed Everyday? A wall bed can be used just like a standard floor bed. There is … Read more

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3 Ways A Wall Bed Can Make Your Life Easier

By Leigh Robinson / August 22, 2019

Horizontal Wall Bed Do you know we have a horizontal single wall bed that can be installed easily into a bedroom or a hallway. In our modern society often families are divided so instead of having a bed that remains permanently fixed, taking up room a single wall bed can temporarily accommodate a visiting child, … Read more

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Mr Wall Beds Melbourne – Interview Pt 2

By Leigh Robinson / July 19, 2019

Here is the second part of an interview I did with one of my clients Wall Bed Questions Answered How long will a wall bed last? As long as you don’t let the grand kids jump all over your bed it should last a lifetime. Generally its the mattress that might need replacing most manufacturers … Read more

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7 More Reasons To Get A Wall Bed

By Leigh Robinson / June 25, 2019

Lawrence Murphy (inventor of the Murphy bed) was a smart guy and we all know why he wanted a wall bed.  He needed to woo his lady in a studio apartment so his bed must be hidden lest the neighbours start gossiping. Here are 7 Reasons Why Getting A Wall Bed Is A Great Idea … Read more

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Five Popular Wall Bed Questions Answered

By Leigh Robinson / June 13, 2019

We get asked all sorts of questions regarding wall beds and installing a wall bed. Here are Our Most Common Wall Bed Questions How Much Does A Wall Bed Cost? This is by far the most popular wall bed question we get asked and of course it depends on whether you have accessories such as … Read more

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