A Wall Bed For Your Apartment

Spacing Saving Wall Bed Options

Most apartments are small and space is extremely valuable but as an apartment owner thats probably stating the obvious to you. Never the less if space is an issue then a wall bed is the perfect answer to reclaim a room but also give you the feeling that you’re not cramped and squashed and pressured in your living areas. It becomes even more of an issue if you live in a studio setting and your damn bed is the main feature. (If you’re looking to buy an apartment go see Ryan at Pagan Real Estate)

Beds are for sex and sleeping so if you are engaged in one of those activities great! But for the rest of the time I’m sure you could utilise the space for yoga or some other hobby that you’ve been dying to start.

Wall Beds For The Mother In Law

We recently installed a wall bed in Prahran where David, the client, was expecting to become a Dad very shortly. This meant the mother in law was coming to stay to help out with the newborn. David was of course a bit twitchy about the whole thing and space in their apartment was limited.

We fitted a queen size wall bed with extended book cases in their small apartment bedroom number two and it turned out to be fantastic for them. They could use the room during the day and pull the bed down at night without too much bother. The wall bed remained made and so there was little fuss in going to sleep at night for the mother in law. When the wall bed was up it was virtually just a cupboard that hid the wall bed from view and only came out from the wall by 410mm.

Even if you don’t live in an apartment it’s amazing how much space a normal bed takes up and it’s there all the time taking up room. The wall bed turns a bedroom into another type of room depending on your activities so its a great mental release to see the space and use it productively.

We believe the mother in law loved the wall bed and slept soundly – which of course is a good thing.

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We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...