Cheap Wall Beds

What Is The Cheapest Wall Bed You Can Buy?

We all know that wall beds are a great answer to reclaiming space back in a guest room or home office and we have many options to choose from. You may not know that we provide wall beds in flat packs when you want the wall bed but no cabinetry or cupboards surrounding the wall and you want it delivered promptly.

We had an inquiry from a guy in Melbourne that wanted a wall bed for his mate who was coming for a visit from Queensland. He had a small converted garage but no bed and hardly any room. A single wall bed that he could install was the perfect answer for him. It was delivered within about a week and took him a few hours to install as he was quite the handyman.

Small Budget, No Room Or Time – The Perfect Wall Bed

Our NeXt bed can be screwed into the wall or floor so this style of installation does suit apartments and smaller homes quite well especially when you cant use the wall frame or studs/noggins.

Here are 5 solid reasons to consider the Next Bed.

  1. The Next bed wall bed is spring loaded and lasts a life time. Spring loaded systems are more reliable than hydraulic/gas type systems. These work similar to the boot of your car and eventually wear out or break through use. The springs in the NeXt bed are so strong that they will last you until you no longer need the bed and even if there was an issue the springs are easy (and cheap) to replace.
  2. At a later date , if it suits, you can get a carpenter to build an enclosure around your wall bed if you find it necessary. Its only the size of your average wardrobe so it won’t break the bank. We have even installed wall beds into wardrobe spaces. The wardrobe needs to be big enough obviously.
  3. The Next bed is easy to use and simple in operation. You don’t need huge muscles to lower the wall bed or raise it and the legs fold out automatically making the whole process efficient for anybody.
  4. The mattress and bedding is “tied” to the bed so no sheets, blankets or quilt fall off when the bed is raised. In most cases (if the size is right) you can use your own mattress. We do supply high quality mattresses at a reasonable rate if you need one. These mattresses come flat packed as well.
  5. If you order a wall bed you could probably receive it about 7 days after your payment is made in most postcodes around Australia. Please allow a bit more time if you’re in an isolated part of the country.

If you have placed an order expect to receive two boxes for a single wall bed and three flat packed boxes for a double and queen size wall bed delivered to you soon.

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We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...