Buying Wall Beds In Australia

Wall Beds In Australia To Buy

One of the most popular questions I get asked is:

What is the difference between a Murphy Bed and a Wall Bed?

In Australia its easy – any type of wall bed is a Murphy and wall bed and Murphy bed are interchangeable. I don’t think I’ve ever met an Aussie who knows the difference.

In the USA its a slightly different scenario where:

  1. Murphy Beds are often wall beds with a spring mechanism (like the beds we sell) and a metal frame to hold the mattress.
  2. A wall bed might refer to a piston lifting mechanism (similar to the gas rods that lift the boot of your car) and in most cases would have a wooden frame.

In Australia wooden framed wall beds are rare in fact we did a Google search and couldn’t find any suppliers in the country that sold full wooden framed wall beds. There is a good reason for this and that is shelf life. Our spring system and metal frame will last a long time without replacing any parts where as the piston/gas rod systems will need the rods replacing at some stage after normal use. We did find a wall bed company that produced a piston system but with a combination of metal frames and wood.

So where do the name Murphy Bed come from?

Murphy beds where invented by William Lawrence Murphy who lived in a small one room studio (or bedsit). In those days it was a scandal to have a woman you weren’t married to in the bedroom so Murphy came up with the idea of hiding the bed away when he had female friends come and visit. He developed a steel, spring loaded contraption that has evolved over many years to the efficient, well-designed product it is today.

There were other wall beds on the market but these weren’t counter balanced and easy to open and close. Murphy never trademark the name “Murphy Bed” so it’s now in common use through out the world.

As I mentioned in Australia we deal with the spring loaded, metal frame wall bed as its the least expensive and more durable type of wall bed. Our wall beds are cost competitive , designed in the USA. We have checked the competition out and their wall beds are quite pricey and are often imported from Italy.

If you’re looking for an efficient wall bed with shelves or cabinets or even a desk attached our products suit most home owners requirements and are priced accordingly.

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