Corona Virus & Installations

We Are Currently Open For Business

The corona virus has sent many businesses into a spin but because of the nature of our business we are still trading. If you are ordering a bed without book cases or shelves then a visit from our sales consultant might not be necessary.

Here’s how we operate during this crisis

  1. For quoting and measure up we arrive at your property and use hand sanitizer and don’t touch any of your surfaces by hand. We keep at least 1.5 metres away from you and if you can also engage with us from a safe distance then it all helps.
  2. If we do touch any surface such as walls or skirting then we will endeavour to wipe them clean.
  3. Measuring and quoting will be done as quickly as possible.
  4. From there we can email you a quote.
  5. Upon accepting the quote an installation time will be booked with Leigh and his installers. Installation in most cases can be done with one installer and Leigh present but if it’s a complex install them two installers maybe required. Installers will be using hand santisers and cleaning up after them. Please keep a safe distance from everyone and our team will do the same. This may seem a little bit silly but we will work with you to make sure the end result is perfect and we all remain virus free.
  6. We do suggest you clean all surface with a mild disinfectant just to be sure after our team have left.
  7. No one will enter your property if they have been infected with the virus.

There are no guarantees in life but if we all act as if we are in isolation then we can reduce any chances of accidentally spreading the virus.

If you do require a wall bed especially if you feel cramped then call Leigh Robinson today! Ph: 0412 525 137

We do custom built walk in wall beds and room dividers as well...