Mr Wall Beds Melbourne – Interview Pt 2


Here is the second part of an interview I did with one of my clients

Wall Bed Questions Answered

How long will a wall bed last?

As long as you don’t let the grand kids jump all over your bed it should last a lifetime. Generally its the mattress that might need replacing most manufacturers say a mattress should last between 8 – 10 years but it really depends on how much use your mattress gets. The wall bed can be used daily and last a very long time.

Can I take my wall bed with me if I move house?

Your wall bed can be dismantled easily so yes you can take it with you if you move. You must be careful with the cabinetry or the surrounding book cases this might be a challenge do take out and the existing wall area may require finishing. The wall bed itself is easy to disassemble so you should have any problems taking the wall bed with you.

How does my wall bed attach to the wall?

This depends on the wall bed you choose. If you choose the Alpha Bed with cabinetry, the cabinetry attaches to the stud work within your home  – the wall bed itself is obviously attached to the cabinetry. If you choose a wall bed without cabinetry such as the Next Bed this attaches to the skirting board or floor.

Is the wall bed a real bed or similar to a sofa or trundle bed?

Our Wall Beds are a proper bed that simply folds up. They are definitely not a wonky, uncomfortable sofa or trundle bed. These types of beds are temporary pieces of furniture whereas our wall beds are proper, permanent and comfortable and give you the same comfort as a stand alone bed. In some cases a better sleep as well.

Do I have to make the bed every time its use?

The wall bed comes with a strap the holds your bedding to the bed so you don’t have to keep remaking the bed. You simply make the bed, strap it up and then hide the bed in its cupboard. Very convenient.

If you have any more questions regarding Wall Beds call Leigh Robinson today. Ph: 0412 525 137


A recent (double) wall bed install in a renovated apartment

Mr Wall Beds Melbourne – An Interview Pt 1

Mr Wall Beds

Recently I was interviewed and grilled slightly by one of my clients!

Why should I buy your wall bed compared to any others?

Our wall beds come from Chicago and are the real deal. I went to many trade shows in the USA and compared products and also compared products that were already available in Australia. I found the Chicago Murphy Beds to be the best quality wall bed (including their amazing mattresses) and started importing them because they were so well made and designed.

Why do most people buy your wall beds?

Our past clients have bought a wall bed mainly because of room space issues. Some have bought a wall bed to replace trundle beds with thin and uncomfortable mattresses but the majority of orders are to get a room to be more functional and to use the space more effectively. It’s a living decision, often smaller rooms are immediately cluttered and cramped with a normal bed whereas a wall bed eliminates this issue.

How did you become Mr Wall Bed?

About 15 years ago I brought the Chicago wall beds to Australia and they were great because their design also allowed us to create or add our own cabinetry such as book shelves and cupboards. This help our clients buy a proper piece of furniture that was well installed and look amazing as it match the decor of the existing room. I guess if you’ve been involved in wall beds for as long as I have you get to earn your stripes.

Are wall beds becoming more popular?

We have found the market is growing especially as people downsize in retirement and apartment living is becoming more popular. Having said that we have found all sorts of people are buying wall beds including Air BnB owners. The word is certainly spreading. One of our most popular wall beds is a wall bed with a folding desk as this helps create space but also gives you a home office function.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by phone (Ph: 0412 525 137) because I can response quite quickly otherwise fill in a contact form on the website.

7 More Reasons To Get A Wall Bed

Lawrence Murphy (inventor of the Murphy bed) was a smart guy and we all know why he wanted a wall bed.  He needed to woo his lady in a studio apartment so his bed must be hidden lest the neighbours start gossiping.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Getting A Wall Bed Is A Great Idea

1. If you have guests over the old pull out trundle bed is probably the worst sleep ever. A wall bed is a proper bed with a great mattress. It’s a comfortable, refreshing nights sleep and your guests will appreciate this.

2. Did you know there is a horizontal bed available ready for emergencies. When your adult child rocks up and needs a place to sleep. Its a smaller unit than the vertical wall bed but still the convenience is right there. We have installed this type of wall bed in a hall way a few times.

3. Your home might have 5 bedrooms but that means a few of them will be tiny. Getting a wall bed makes sense especially for a child who likes to play quietly in their room but has no room. Wall beds don’t always have to be queen size you can easily order a single.

Renovating, relocating, children jumping, reusing the garage…

4. Renovating or relocating can be expensive eh? Why not rethink each room and how to better utilise the space, go on I dare you?

5. Sick of animals or kids jumping on the beds? Get a wall bed for each room, problem solved.

6. The greatest contributor to human anxiety is clutter. To counter act this a wall bed gives you back room space to do yoga or meditation or simply sit and enjoy the space around you. Normal beds take up so much room they leave a room valueless most of the time.

7. Be unconventional. We have installed many wall beds in garages for when the relatives come to town or as the family expands. Most of the newer garages are insulated and are like extra rooms so a wall bed install is a great idea.

Space is expensive and its getting more so. Call me (Leigh Robinson) to discuss your anxiety or family needs and let’s get your space issues death with in a timely manner.

Ph: 0412 525 137

Five Popular Wall Bed Questions Answered


We get asked all sorts of questions regarding wall beds and installing a wall bed.

Here are Our Most Common Wall Bed Questions

    1. How Much Does A Wall Bed Cost?

      This is by far the most popular wall bed question we get asked and of course it depends on whether you have accessories such as shelves either side (or single side), a desk accessory or a certain type of finish and whether you want a mattress included. Pricing for the most basic flat pack, ready to assemble with cabinetry surround (not including installation or accessories) is single : $1980 double: $2175  queen  $2340 king: $2550.

    2. How Long Does A Wall Bed Take To Install?

      A wall bed takes about half a day to install but may take longer if book shelves are to be installed. It may take even longer if your apartment is in a high rise as delivery up and down elevators adds to the time taken to install.

    3. How Long Will A Wall Bed Last?

      A wall bed that is treated properly (no kids jumping etc) should last a life time. Our wall beds have a limited life time warranty on manufacturer’s defects.

    4. Do You Delivery To Multi-storey Apartments?

      We deliver anywhere even to high rise apartments and this includes installation by us or by a trades person of your choice. If you’re keen you can install the wall bed yourself but we don’t recommend this.

    5. Why Should We Choose Wall Beds R Us?

      There are many reasons why you should choose our company so I will go through a few reasons why we can help you whether you’re in Melbourne, Geelong or the Greater Geelong Area. (also check out our happy clients)

– Our product is about the best wall bed we could find so the quality is right up there.

– Secondly you’re dealing directly with the owner of the company, me, so I have to make sure you are completely satisfied. The buck stops with me.

– We have installed a raft of different wall beds in a multitude of interesting scenarios and experience counts when it comes to this type of work. We back our installers 150%.

– Ask me about our latest special offer – this gives me the opportunity to thank you for your business.

If you’re looking to utilise the limited space you have then call me today. Leigh Robinson: Ph: 0412 525 137

Selling Wall Beds

wall bed

Selling Wall Beds In Melbourne, Australia

Often we write all about great our wall beds and the amazing features that include book cases, custom mattress, collapsible desks and the amazing benefits of a space saving wall bed. In Australia selling wall beds or Murphy beds is a relative new phenomena and it’s not quite as popular as it in the USA but its growing.

In Australia we have always had room in our houses but the landscape is changing in two very important ways. The increase in older citizens downsizing and the increase in apartment living. We have also seen interest and sales in two bedroom units. As the population diversifies we are seeing a greater interest in getting a wall bed from these three sectors.

The fourth area we see wall beds making inroads is into AirBnB properties and holiday homes which are usually smaller and lack the space.

Wall bed technology is so well developed now the quality is superb and installation only takes a few hours.

When you think about it beds are such a waste of space and every home should have a wall bed installed in every room. Of course for our company that would be fantastic but logically it makes sense doesn’t it.

Wall Bed With Desk Install

Our most recent install was for a lovely lady who lived alone in a small two bedroom unit who wanted to convert her bedroom into an office during the day. We installed a wall bed with the folding desk option so she could do this easily. The desk allows a PC to be installed that doesn’t need removing when the desk is folded down. This is a classic example of the lady downsizing and reclaiming or rather better utilisation of her existing room space.

This type of install is getting popular.


wall bed with desk

A Wall Bed For Your Apartment

wall bed apartment

Spacing Saving Wall Bed Options

Most apartments are small and space is extremely valuable but as an apartment owner thats probably stating the obvious to you. Never the less if space is an issue then a wall bed is the perfect answer to reclaim a room but also give you the feeling that you’re not cramped and squashed and pressured in your living areas. It becomes even more of an issue if you live in a studio setting and your damn bed is the main feature. (If you’re looking to buy an apartment go see Ryan at Pagan Real Estate)

Beds are for sex and sleeping so if you are engaged in one of those activities great! But for the rest of the time I’m sure you could utilise the space for yoga or some other hobby that you’ve been dying to start.

Wall Beds For The Mother In Law

We recently installed a wall bed in Prahran where David, the client, was expecting to become a Dad very shortly. This meant the mother in law was coming to stay to help out with the newborn. David was of course a bit twitchy about the whole thing and space in their apartment was limited.

We fitted a queen size wall bed with extended book cases in their small apartment bedroom number two and it turned out to be fantastic for them. They could use the room during the day and pull the bed down at night without too much bother. The wall bed remained made and so there was little fuss in going to sleep at night for the mother in law. When the wall bed was up it was virtually just a cupboard that hid the wall bed from view and only came out from the wall by 410mm.

Even if you don’t live in an apartment it’s amazing how much space a normal bed takes up and it’s there all the time taking up room. The wall bed turns a bedroom into another type of room depending on your activities so its a great mental release to see the space and use it productively.

We believe the mother in law loved the wall bed and slept soundly – which of course is a good thing.

Call Leigh Robinson today if the mother in law is coming to town. Ph: 0412 525 137

Murphy Bed, Wall Bed, Sexual Conquest!

first murphy bed

A Murphy Bed is an older term for a wall bed named after William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy lived in a studio apartment that was basically a single room and lived in an era when it just wasn’t done to entertain guests in your “bedroom” especially of the opposite sex.

Mr Murphy Gets Laid!

William Murphy (1876–1957) was very keen on an opera singer and had the issue that his lounge room was also his bedroom. Being a gentleman he thought it rather tawdry to have a lady over with a bed in the middle of the room. Murphy decided that the best thing to do to seduce his beau was to actually hide the bed and thus hide his lustful intentions.

Murphy developed his wall bed by counter balancing it and adding a pivot system which he patented in 1900. He also won his girl and eventually married her. I wonder how long it took to develop the bed and actually get in the sack with his lady? Anyway it’s inspiring the lengths some men will go to keep their ladies honourable. The moral code was quite strict back then which is a good thing as it created a superior wall bed.

Murphy went on to develop the wall bed even further and opened factories in San Francisco, Chicago and New York selling thousands of wall beds during the 1920s and 30s. There was a downturn in 40s because of the war and people moved to houses in the burbs but the Murphy Bed is still manufactured by the Murphy family.

Interestingly the name Murphy bed name has been absorbed into our vernacular that the Murphy family lost trademark protection of the term “Murphy Bed”

As apartment living is taking off in major Australian cities and residencies are getting smaller the wall bed or Murphy bed is growing in popularity. The term Murphy is not as popular here compared to the USA but that will change as well.

Keep your love conquests honour, order a Wall Bed today from Leigh and you could get laid!

7 Reasons To Get A Wall Bed Today!

wall bed black

Wall beds are a brilliant solution to getting your floor space back whether you have down sized or live in an apartment or smaller home. Often referred to as a Murphy bed the technology today is so good that the beds can be adapted for many different types of rooms or applications.

The image above of a black bed shows a bed that is used in a guest room and matches the “black” decor of the room and other furnishings. The client wanted shelving either side of the bed and was very particular about how it all came together. In the end it looked great and frees up a large area in their guest house which was actually a converted garage. This is the second time we have installed a wall bed in a garage.

7 Reasons To Get A Wall Bed TODAY!

  1. The most common problem home and apartment dwellers face is lack of space. This problem can be solved using one of our range of wall beds.
  2. Having guests stay is a breeze especially the relatives and you can have the bed made ready for any emergencies.
  3. Our wall beds only extend a modest 410mm from the wall, less than your average wardrobe so don’t take up much room at all.
  4. Wall beds can come in a number of combinations including our new library slider version so depending on the wall bed type you can have shelves (fixed or adjustable), bookcases or nothing, it’s up to you.
  5. The bed, cabinetry, along with a range of optional side bookcase designs come in number of colours and finishes that will instantly match the style of you existing room. It’s your choice.
  6. Our wall beds are a premium brand, functionally designed and engineered so you can guarantee your guests a good night sleep.
  7. We can also help you with wardrobe sliding doors and walk-in wardrobes and colour match everything together to really complement your room.

Call Leigh Robinson today to discuss your options.  Ph: 0412 525 137

Wall Bed Installation, Ripponlea Melbourne

ripponlea wall bed installation

We recently install two wall beds in an Art Deco property in Ripponlea, Melbourne – a king sized wall bed (wood grain)for the main bedroom and a queen (antique white) for the guest room. Ripponlea is a small suburb near St Kilda and has many older style apartments where space is an issue.

The apartment was getting fully renovated and required a few power points moved around to accomodate the beds. Although the rooms were small the wall beds gave the impression that there was a lot space in the apartment. One room was going to be used as an office and they also got back floor space.

Just because you may live in a tiny apartment it doesn’t mean you can’t use your available space more effectively with a Wall Bed. The beds and book cases can be custom built to suit your situation or you can discard book cases altogether.

This installation also included some fantastic mattresses to complete our amazing wall beds.

Call Leigh Robinson today for a free consultation or a measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137

wall beds install bed closed
wall bed install apartment